Paragon Backup and Recovery 10 Home Special Edition (English Version) All the ideas and discussions
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If Windows 2000 is included..why not Windows ME or 98..Most of the program don't come with this compatibility and it would prove to be good for ur business

thegamekiller94, 22.06.2011, 08:02
Idea status: under consideration


LVE4GOD, 23.06.2011, 03:21
Umm...because those are even OLDER operating systems? I doubt that more than 1% of the people who visit this site are using a Windows OS that's at least TWELVE YEARS OLD! Honestly, any company that makes their programs compatible with Win2000 is already doing you a big favor. On top of that, WinME was a steaming pile of poop, anybody who has chosen to use it (rather than upgrade to XP, or even Vista, which is a very good OS by comparison) the last 7-8 years deserves all the headaches and incompatibility nightmares they get!

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