Paragon Backup and Recovery 10 Home Special Edition (English Version)

All-in-one solution for data protection!

Whether you want to simply save your data or create complex backup routines - this package of useful tools covers all your needs. This solution quickly backs up these files and folders: My Documents, My Media Files, My Email Folders and easily secures valuable data without additional configurations. Backup & Recovery Home has an improved user interface with special wizards that ensure ease-of-use, even for novice users. It’s ideal for the comprehensive security of your home PC and data.
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62 votes Vote

Have a feature which make use of multiple cores to speed up backup and save time...

thegamekiller94, 22.06.2011, 08:05
58 votes Vote

Include WinPE which will make it standalone installer and feature rich..

thegamekiller94, 22.06.2011, 08:03
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29 votes Vote

Include Multilanguage support other than english

thegamekiller94, 22.06.2011, 07:56
21 votes Vote

Have a button named as one-click optimization which optimizes the performance of the hard drive by scrubbing unneccesary files and defragmenting it...

thegamekiller94, 22.06.2011, 08:11
20 votes Vote

Have a feature which displays S.M.A.R.T information of the hard drive and also displays its current temperature

thegamekiller94, 22.06.2011, 08:07
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18 votes Vote

If Windows 2000 is included..why not Windows ME or 98..Most of the program don't come with this compatibility and it would prove to be good for ur business

thegamekiller94, 22.06.2011, 08:02
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14 votes Vote

I didn't like the's like filling the whole universe in pencil box..Have a step by step backup procedure which will eliminate the problem of crowdiness

thegamekiller94, 22.06.2011, 07:59
11 votes Vote

Supply FTP backup webspace. Most ISP that sells 'web-hotels' do not allow them to be used for FTP backup because it consumes too much bandwith.

Supply FTP backup webspace. Most ISP that sells 'web-hotels' do not allow them to be used for FTP backup because it consumes too much bandwith. Then addon selective constant folder monitoring and (encrypted) backup of same folders to your FTP.
C.J., 22.06.2011, 10:44
10 votes Vote

Improve the interface to make it look more stylish.

Crono, 22.06.2011, 10:33
3 votes Vote

During Recovery process, needs to have a safety feature that warns you NOT to stop it til done, in case they turn off the PC partly done! Cause I did that. Tragedy. And make it so CANNOT be stopped when partly done.Other than that, this ap is as impo

Skye-hook, 22.06.2011, 22:39
2 votes Vote

Edit backup scripts using a wizard interface, not Notepad.

Russell G., 22.06.2011, 13:44
2 votes Vote

Ability to recover files that weren't backed up using your utility.

AlanO, 23.06.2011, 03:27
1 vote Vote

Your customers would benefit and likewise Paragon by having fewer 'flavors' of backup. It is overwhelming for all except the newcomer! Thank you for your great support of GOAD we do remember and spread the word!

Harold Carlson, 23.06.2011, 00:31